What you can expect from us

Maintaining and selling your business are both full-time jobs. Selling your business independently can be a confusing and difficult process. ABS has what it takes to take both the buyer and the seller systematically through each of the basic steps. As your intermediary they will:

  • Prepare the Listing
  • Search for Buyers
  • Navigate the Sale
  • Remove Contingencies
  • Close the Sale
  • Follow-up

Every step of the way you can rest assured that ABS will make certain that no detail goes unnoticed. ABS will bridge the gap between the buyer and seller to assure a smooth and efficient transfer. ABS operates professionally, maximizes business exposure and only brings qualified sellers and buyers together while holding confidentiality to the highest standards.

There are many reasons to select ABSOLUTE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, but several stand out:


It is important that your employees and vendors are not prematurely aware of potential changes in ownership.


ABS has a nationwide network of contacts who are possible partners for your transaction.


So often a perfectly viable deal falls apart because the parties fail to communicate. ABS guarantees the clear transfer of information at all points in the process.

Saving Time

Let ABS do the research to identify your best options and then evaluate the opportunities that are available.


Because ABS is a full-time business intermediary, they are results-oriented and results driven; and you will be the beneficiary.


It has often been said that negotiation is the hardest part of any transaction. ABS offers superb facilitation in this area, making both parties feel a sense of security and fairness.

Follow Up

ABS does not disappear after buyers and sellers have been brought together but continues to help facilitate the closing of the deal. ABS values the importance of people over transactions and strives to establish relationships that continue long after the sale or purchase is complete.

Whether you are becoming your own boss for the first time, adding a franchise to a number of other locations you already own or leaving the business community for greener pastures…whatever your particular situation, Absolute Business Solutions will work with you to lay the proper foundation so you can take each step with absolute confidence.